Gibsons Maestro Pedals - PG Gear Spotlight

Maestro’s new line of affordable, vintage-flavored stomps covers all the bases from distortion to delay and more.

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The silver stomp is a four-stage transistor fuzz featuring a series of selectable diode clipping options.

Detected by its strong magnetic field emanatingfrom the lunar crater Tycho, the TMA-1 was found buried 15 meters beneath thesurface of the moon. The moment 9 volts of direct current hit the TMA-1, a powerfulsignal burst across the universe, searching for other devices of its kind. This is howthe new fuzz pedal from Acorn Amplifiers came to be.

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Buffalo Nichols on Behemoth's "Conquer All"

The bluesman surprisingly credits Adam "Nergal" Darski for his right-hand picking dexterity and explains why many of his own songs use a same similar "heavy" tuning.

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