chorus pedal

Eastwood Black Box Pedal Demos | First Look

Old-school and streamlined—Eastwood distills essential, classic tones into an affordable stompbox series.

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TC Electronic's 1st Pedal Reissued! SCF Gold Stereo Chorus Flanger Demo | First Look

A cornucopia of rich vintage chorus, flange, and vibrato tones live on in a reissue of TC's very first stomp—at a very affordable price.

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Adding to the company's line of vintage-inspired effects, Sabbadius Electronics has introduced two new pedals: the 68 Tiny-Vibe and 69 Tiny-Vibe. Capturing the swirling, intoxicating tones of the legendary Uni-Vibes of the 1960s, the 68 and 69 Tiny-Vibes are compact versions of their big brother: the Sabbadius Funky-Vibe.
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