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GALLERY: Reader Pedalboards 2013, Part 1

We asked PG faithful to show us their pedalboards, and you delivered! In honor of our annual pedal blowout, we bring you 30 of our readers' personal stomping grounds.

This is "merely the start" for reader Ben Weir , who plans on expanding his pedalboard into a double-decker board. Here's the current setup in his own words: "I start with my Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon wah (the auto-switch function has spoiled me) which then goes into a MXR EVH Phase 90 on the script mode with a slow sweep, then my Akai Drive3 Overdrive, which I use to boost and tighten up my (Peavey) 6505+ combo. Obviously, we have the footswitch for that in the center. Coming out of the effects loop of the 6505+, I have a Modtone Minimod Analog Delay, which I have set as just a short, quite dark delay to give the guitar some space, as it were (I got the idea from Premier Guitar' s John Herrington Rig Rundown ). After that it goes into my Line 6 M5 Stompbox Modeler, which I mostly use for the Particle Verb reverb on cleans, and the octo reverb for synth-like sounds. After that I have my TC Electronic Ditto Looper for occasional solo jams, and then back into the amp."