Premier Collector #7: Martins and More

Inspired to play by a Martin D12-28

Name: Bob Kropp
Years played: 35
Home turf: Florida
Current/former bands: Back Alley Rose
First guitar: An old Ensenada flat top 6 string
Favorite guitar: The one in my hands at the moment
Favorite amp: The only one I own: Marshall
Favorite effect: Slow phase shift
Favorite strings: Martins and Ernie Balls
Favorite cable: Monster

"Not a grand collection in comparison to many, but I managed to select instruments that I found to be exceptional in their action and quality. I''ve been playing acoustic since 1973, at age 20, and picked up electric in the last three years for the love of instrument and the challenge of something new... [My guitars] are all works of art, and I strive each day to play them as they were intended to be played and beyond."

Left to right: Epiphone Classical, Guild D25M, Martin OMC 16E M, Martin 00042 Marquis, Martin D45 and Martin D12-28

"There was a period in my life when I put the instrument down and did not pick it up for more than three cords for several years. When my Dad passed away he left me the Martin D12-28 and I thought that an instrument of that caliber was not meant to be a corner dust collector. I started playing again and as a result, picked up the interest to play electric guitar and learn a new and deeper appreciation for the instrument. I’m not a natural, but I do play by ear and find great delight when moving past the plateaus we all seem to level off at sometimes."

Left to Right: Langcaster, Fender American Strat, Schecter C1000 Diamond Series, ESP H1000, ESP EC1000, and a modified Gibson SG Faded

What’s your philosophy on tone? "I think it’s the latest buzz word that everyone loves to repeat. It used to be called “a sound” like ELP, Yes and The Moody Blues produced a “Wall of Sound,” but I suppose “tone” narrows it down to the tonal elements produced by an electric guitar which is created and sought within it’s unique characteristic by accomplished guitar musicians; as distinguished by in its unique clarity to identify with that particular artist."

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