Feds Approve Buyout

Washington, DC. (July 23, 2007) - The $1.9 billion purchase of Guitar Center Inc. by Bain Capital Partners LLC has been cleared by federal regulators. The deal was on a list of antitrust reviews that received an "early termination" today by the Federal Trade Commission, meaning the review was completed before the end of a 30-day waiting period specified by law. Bain and Guitar Center expect to close the deal in the fourth quarter.

Guitar Center is based in Westlake Village, CA, and operates over 210 stores. The company posted $2 billion in revenue in 2006. Bain is based in Boston, MA and manages about $40 billion in assets.

Two pending lawsuits are challenging the fairness of the acquisition, which nets shareholders a 26 percent premium.

This 1964 Vibrolux Reverb arrived in all-original condition, right down to a two-prong power cord and a death cap wired to the ground switch. The author’s well-worn Strat is the perfect companion.

How our columnist’s risky purchase turned out to be a dusty pre-CBS jewel.

This month, I’d like to share the story of my 1964 Fender Vibrolux Reverb. It was a really risky purchase that had some big surprises.

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Fat tones from a sweet niche where Les Paul, Gretsch, and Telecaster share the limelight.

Copious, unexpected tones. Cool, useful bass contour control. Very nice build quality. Excellent value.



Reverend Flatroc Bigsby


If you only pay casual attention to Reverend guitars, it’s easy to overlook how different their instruments can be. Some of that may be due to the way Reverends look. There are longstanding styling themes and strong family likenesses among models that can make differentiation a challenge for uninitiated guitar spotters. For instance, the Flatroc reviewed here has more or less the same body as the Charger, Buckshot, and Double Agent OG (which has an entirely different body than the more Jazzmaster-like Double Agent W). If you don’t have an experienced Reverend enthusiast at your side, it can all be a bit mind bending.

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