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Hammond Now Shipping New Leslie G37 & G27 for Guitars

Hammond Now Shipping New Leslie G37 & G27 for Guitars

Hammond-Suzuki USA just shipped the first production units of the G37 and G27 Leslie Speakers.

Addison, IL (March 26, 2009) -- Hammond-Suzuki USA today shipped the first production units of their eagerly-awaited G37 and G27 Leslie Speakers designed especially for the Guitar.

Hammond Executive VP Dennis Capiga said "Today marks the fulfillment of a dream, and several years of hard work. I can't wait to hear the music guitarists will make with our baby".

The G37/G27 is roughly one third the size and weight of a traditional keyboard Leslie Speaker, but has many of the same components. Unlike the last Leslie designed for guitar in the late 60's; the G37 and G27 have a "real" horn spinning on the top (the same rotor as used on the legendary Leslie 122), and the traditional Leslie rotor on the bottom.

A 100 watt channel-switching guitar amp with "tube pre" powers the G37 while the G27 is powered by the user's own amp. The horn driver is specially voiced for guitar, and the 12" full range speaker is "vintage" style. There are two revolutionary features on the G37/G27 that have never appeared on a keyboard Leslie. One is the (optional) "gas pedal" that gives the player infinite control of rotor speed; the other is a motor control that stops the rotors in the same place (out the front) each time. This allows the guitarist to use the amp without the animation.

The G37/G27 is also indicated for use with electro-acoustic guitars, electric violins, harmonicas, melodions, and even vocals. Oddly enough, the only instrument that the Leslie G37/G27 is not recommended for is organ. "We've got that application covered" joked Capiga.

Capiga also related that no other Leslie product has been tested as thoroughly as the G37. As the engineers put it through the paces, a few lucky musicians had the chance to be early adapters.

Blues Phenom Anthony Gomes has had a G37 prototype for 9 months, and it now occupies a regular spot onstage. Hit Producer Howard Benson (Daughtry, Hoobastank, Kelly Clarkson) has used his G27 prototype on many of his new productions, and the G27 will be part of Jimmy Vivino's rig on the bandstand of the new "Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien".

G37 $1495 
G27 $1325

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