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Hartman Releases Tommy Bolin Signature Fuzz

Hartman pays tribute to a legend with the Tommy Bolin fuzz

Berkeley, CA (October 30, 2008) -- Whether taking the stage with Zephyr, The James Gang, and Deep Purple or recording alongside jazz greats Billy Cobham and Alphonse Mouzon, Tommy Bolin’s incendiary guitar playing broke stylistic and sonic boundaries. To this day, his musical legacy continues to influence and inspire.

With the assistance and cooperation of the Bolin family and estate, Hartman has recreated Tommy’s legendary fuzz tone. Beginning with an original model of Tommy’s go-to fuzz and refined against the original, isolated guitar tracks of Bolin master reels, the result is a 3-knob box of dynamite featuring a definitive palette of tones from deep within the Bolin zone.

Attack – Increase this control (CW) to add distortion and clipping to the signal. Rotating CCW will reduce amount of distortion and overall volume.
Tone – Adjust the amount of bass (CCW) or treble (CW).
Volume – Master volume for the unit. Use in conjunction with Attack control, above, to set overall volume once desired amount of distortion is achieved.

Tommy’s setup for his core tone was often a Strat into the fuzz plugged into a HiWatt (run clean or nearly so). However, because of the many possible combinations of Attack and Tone knob settings, the pedal is capable of developing fuzz tones that work well with a wide variety of instruments and amplifiers.

As with many early fuzz circuits, this pedal is highly responsive to the settings of the electric guitar’s controls. For example, you can use the volume knob of your instrument to control the amount of “dirt” the pedal delivers. Reducing guitar tone to zero at extreme fuzz settings can also produce interesting harmonics.

The pedal ships with a new 9V battery installed and can use external 9VDC power via its (tip-negative) “Boss-style” 2.1mm jack. The fuzz is shipping now with an MSRP of $189.99.

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