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Inside EMG's New "The Cube" Studio

EMG pickups unveils a high-tech new video studio in California

Santa Rosa, CA (November 6, 2008) - EMG has announced the completion of a new cutting-edge Audio/Video studio known as “The Cube.” The studio was constructed to provide content for EMG’s web-based media player highlighting EMG’s endorsers as well as a demonstration facility for the company’s products. State of the art in every way, the core of the facility is the AVID Nitrous editing system, which is linked up to a system of top of the line HD broadcast quality cameras, pro-audio, and custom lighting systems.

We got an exclusive first look inside the studio. Here''s a sneak peek of Premier Guitar''s Brett Petrusek talking with the Cube''s designer, cinematographer Jeff Brockman. Keep an eye out for more videos from EMG''s factory coming soon!

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