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J. Rockett Audio Releases the Archer Select

J. Rockett Audio Releases the Archer Select

J Rockett Audio Designs, releases the most versatile Archer to date: The Archer Select.

“Players have been asking for a 2 in 1 Archer for years, so we gave them a 7 in 1,” says Chris Van Tassel. The Archer select is a two-footswitch Archer with a DI. Chris continues “The right side engages an Archer-style circuit withOA10 diodes then engaging the left footswitch allows you to swap out the diodes with what was selected via the diode knob”. Chris continues “players can now switch between the Archer, iKon, Jeff Mod, and 3 other diodes ranging from low to high gain to create their ideal overdrive, use it as a boost, or to really drive their amp hard”. For added versatility a DI was included with a ground switch to reduce hum.” We added a 4X12 British inspired speaker emulation to the DI or players who play or record direct all in a simple format”.

The Archer Select Features:

  • Right footswitch engages Archer style overdrive with OA10 diodes
  • Left footswitch when engaged swaps the diodes with 6 possible selections including the diodes found in the Archer, iKon, and J Mod Archer plus additional diodes arranged from lowest to highest gain settings
  • DI with British 4X12 style speaker simulation

The Archer Select is available for $329.99 via select dealers.

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J. Rockett Audio Designs Archer Select Boost/Overdrive Pedal

Archer Select Boost/OD Pedal
J. Rockett Audio Designs