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Jack Deville Electronics Announces Dark Echo Pedal

Jack Deville Electronics Announces Dark Echo Pedal

The handbuilt Dark Echo delay uses a digital echo processor.

Portland, OR (October 3, 2009) - Hand built by Jack Deville Electronics in Portland with consultation from guitarist Cameron Morgan, the Dark Echo is a small compact delay utilizing a digital echo processor with a fully analog dry signal path and analog support circuitry. It features the highest quality components, true bypass switching, pure analog signal path, and a high attention to aesthetic detail and design.

The Dark Echo is seductive, sweet, and glistening. The company describes it as, "the perfect combination of the Maestro Echoplex, Roland Space Echo, and EH Deluxe Memory Man tucked into the size of a small MXR Hammond bud box."

The Dark Echo sounds like the classics but with more flavors and modern versatility. Most delays are bright and tight on the repeats but the Dark Echo gets darker and the repeats get slightly looser. Some of the tones this little pedal can achieve are swampy ‘60s plate reverb, Elvis/Johnny Cash rockabilly slapback, airy light chorus, slight de-tune/doubling, vintage echo-chorus as heard on the first U2 and Police records, to name a few. It can oscillate infinite looping with no decay of the repeats.

• true bypass switching
• power polarity protection
• ultra quiet
• 50ms - 450ms of delay time
• 1% metal film resistors (reduced thermal noise)
• vishay/bc coupling capacitors
• industry standard Alpha potiometers
• Switchcraft jacks
• adjustable output level via internal volume trim (adjustable to 12 db gain)
• socketed ic's (to allow the user to swap in any 8 pin opamp for tonal preference)
• low power consumption for a delay (35mA on minimal settings-70mA on maximum settings)
• size = 4.5" x 1.8" x 2.7"
• weight = 8.4 oz.
• power = 9V negative center pin

For more information:
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