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July 2011 Letters

Readers respond to the June 2011 issue.

Tap Fail
The picture and sound samples [in the June 2011 Epiphone Nighthawk Custom review] refer to the coil-tap on the bridge pickup—but there’s no mention in the text of that, or the coil-tap on the neck pickup (as described in the full-page Epiphone ad elsewhere in the June issue). Did it get left out or was it missed?
—David Eastwood

Thanks for bringing this up, David. Indeed, we did fall short in adequately describing the functionality and tones that are attainable with the Nighthawk Custom (the total possible pickup permutations comes to nine—pretty impressive!). It’s rare for us to miss such significant features in a review, and for that we sincerely apologize to all our readers and viewers.

You Go, Gilbert!
I want to take the time to thank Premier Guitar for allowing Paul Gilbert to write this column [“How to Practice Pole- Vaulting,” Shred Your Enthusiasm, June 2011]. Then I’d like to thank Paul for writing an endlessly entertaining and useful lesson column that makes sense to me. Most of the time, these lessons are over my head. Pablo brings them down to a level even I can understand and makes it fun instead of feeling like I’m doing drills. More? Yes, please! And keep him for as long as you can.

We couldn’t agree more, Coopster. Paul is a pleasure to work with on these lessons each month—he’s punctual, thorough, enlightening, and reliably hilarious both in person and in writing. Viva Pablo!

Hailing Haynes
The article on Warren Haynes [“Working- Class Hero,” June 2011] was amazing! Your articles are head and shoulders above other guitar magazines, which just circulate the same guitar-hero stories year in, year out. Maybe we’ll get an article soon on Gary Louris, now that the Jayhawks are touring and recording again?
—Mikko Niemelä
via Facebook

Thank you, Mikko. The kudos belong to associate editor Jason Shadrick for the multifaceted piece—as well as for the stellar collection of lessons we have here in the magazine every month. And for more upcoming coolness on Haynes, be sure to stay tuned to Facebook to find out when we post Jason’s backstage video shoot with Haynes before a recent gig in Chicago.

Not a Fan of the 9-String
I’ve owned a pair of [Alvarez] 5058 models [“Alvarez 9-String Guitar,” Trash or Treasure, April 2011]. Let me dissuade folks who think it might sound good; it doesn’t. I’ve not played the Yairi DY58, but those are pricier and I’d hope nobody would drop that cash on such an instrument sight unseen, unplayed, or unheard. A guitarist’s dollar is more efficiently spent on a good-sounding 12-string. Then, if you want to explore the 9-string mystique, pull three off.

6-String Therapy
Thanks so much for my two subscriptions and the chance to win a very cool guitar! Along with the regular online info, features, contests, etc., I have the best time looking through my online Premier. I’m a disabled Desert Storm vet. My wife has cancer and is going through chemotherapy. I play for my own therapy, and my wife enjoys listening to me play—especially on her bad days. You are by far the best guitar resource—online or off. Thanks for a great learning tool, as well as an enjoyable resource for everything guitar!
—Bob Malin
East Hanover, New Jersey

We’re so happy you enjoy our work and get such practical use out of it, Bob. It’s an honor to bring it to you, and we wish you and your wife the best in your struggles. Stay positive—and keep cranking out those tunes!

All-Around Accolades
I want to thank you for the excellent tech articles that your magazine puts out each month. I was at my local guitar store checking out the Ibanez AFS80T— great guitar, and your review [April 2011] is spot on! As I was putting this 6-string through its paces, Jol Dantzig’s article about the tone knob [“Controlling Your Tone: Underrated Tools of the Trade,” Esoterica Electrica, April 2011] went through my head. I started to roll back on those knobs that are always stuck on 11, and—wow!—the tone cleaned up so well. Doing this simple move really made the guitar (not just those hot pickups) come through. It was interesting how some other guitars I tested didn’t respond to this change. I guess you do get what you pay for, as far as hardware goes. Thank you, from a future life subscriber! Keep up the great work.
—Carl Robl
West Allis, Wisconsin

P.S. The picture of Kim Simmonds on his [Gibson Flying] V was awesome. I visit with him every time he is at Shank Hall in Milwaukee, WI. We always trade picks!

Sounds like the April 2011 PG was a keeper for you, Carl! Thanks for your kind words! Take care—oh, and say hi to Kim for us next time you see him!