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Kasha Announces Four-Channel Overdrive Pedal

Kasha Announces Four-Channel Overdrive Pedal

Boutique amp designer Kasha''s new overdrive pedal features four voices with varying levels of boost

Los Angeles, CA (August 24, 2009) – Boutique amp builder Kasha Amplifiers has raised the bar on what a true overdrive pedal should do and how it should perform. It makes perfect sense that if one were to set out to design an overdrive pedal to compliment the sound of an amplifier, it should be one that is familiar with how an amplifier actually works. It is this perspective that has brought attention to the new Kasha Overdrive (KOD) pedal and it is this perspective that promises to set it apart from the others by truly maintaining transparency through a wide frequency range.

"Wow, it has all the clarity and sparkle I was hoping for. I was able to hear every note and the sustain is great," said Paul Jackson Jr. (guitarist for American Idol, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers)

The glossy black pedal features a simple design without even a tone control. Kasha says this is because often a tone control or passive filter is used to dampen the unwanted high frequencies but as a result, diminishes the tone of the amplifier.

The KOD is designed with four unique voice selections: Smooth, Classic, Hot and Melt, and a master 10dB turbo switch for all four voices. This is how Kasha describes each channel:

The first voice, Smooth, provides a 3dB up to assist in achieving that one last kick when the amp isn’t just quite there. This is a prefect setting when playing a blues riff or wanting to add a little hair on your clean channel. Engage the turbo switch for cleaner power chords and smoother lead tones.

The second, Classic, provides an 11dB up, adding a dash of bass and highs to the tone and still keeping the overall signal intact. Use it for dynamics in songs ranging from a clean crunch to balls-to-the-wall riffing. Kasha says this is where the KOD really starts to set itself apart from others by allowing Les Paul-style guitars to sound like stacked pickups on a Strat-style instrument and bringing real attitude to imported shredding machines. By applying the turbo switch in the Classic voice, the tones start capturing that vibe of pure metal carnage.

The Hot voice adds 15dB up and is perfect for turning your amplifier into a chainsaw – in a good way – by helping the player cut through a wall of sound like butter. This is ideal for solo boosting and when you kick in the turbo switch, the KOD provides violin like sustain for days.

The last voice is Melt. By providing 18dB up, this setting is for those climatic moments when “You are almost there, the crowd is on their feet, your face is cringed, head back, eyes closed, your dream tone is starting to take shape, but you need just a bit more” occasions. This voicing takes up the gain a few ticks and then adds a tight bottom end where the notes become thick without the flub and overtones.

"It is the first overdrive pedal that does not change the amps tone (and gives a) variety of useable voicing’s for many styles and tracks every note I pick. (The KOD) makes other distortion or overdrive pedals sound better and turns your amp into multiple amps with pro tones" – Phil X (Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Tommy Lee, Daughtry)

Features of the Kasha Overdrive include:

· 4 channels with separate voicing and gain structure
· 10 dB clear boost
· Analog design
· True bypass switching
· Very low power consumption (3mA and runs on a single 9V battery)
· High gloss mirror black powder coat
· Low noise design and pro sound
· Hand made in the USA

Available now, MSRP $200.00.

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