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Lace Releases Aluma V90, USAB, and Blingbucker Pickups

Lace Music has released three new pickup models: a Alumitone P-90, a low profile acoustic bass pickup, and crystal-adorned humbuckers.

Cypress, CA (January 27, 2011) -- Lace Music has released three new pickup models: a Alumitone P-90, a low profile acoustic bass pickup, and crystal-adorned humbuckers.

Alumitone Aluma V90
The Aluma V90 incorporates the state of the art patented Alumitone technology with traditional P-90 “dog ear” looks. The V90 incorporates the ground breaking high definition zero noise “current driven” tone that is taking players to a new standard. For the first time the legendary P90 “dog ear” will be completely noise free without having to modify the guitar.

“As a huge fan of the P-90, I was extremely excited to be able to use the Lace version of a classic pickup. I no longer have to deal with noise interference due to lighting issues as in an arena” stated Josh Steely of the Chris Daughtry band. “The pickup is noiseless and still has the characteristics I love in P-90” further stated Steely.

Designed especially for bass guitar this new passive Lace Sensor bass pickup has an “Ultra Slim” profile that is only 5/16th tall in height. The height allows almost endless adaptations for either acoustic bass or solid body bass.

Single design size allows for four- or five-string bass guitars. The USAB Sensor can be surface mounted either with wood screws or a mar resistant 3M adhesive tape that is provided with the pickup. Simply slide the pickup under the strings for installation. No routing or cutting is required.

The USAB comes with a high quality cable and female end pin jack. The pickup jack can be permanently mounted if so desired. The pickup is humbucking in design and features no noise operation. The pickup consists of two Lace Sensor Micro Matrix Comb bobbins, and triple ceramic 8 magnets as part of this new design. It is passive in design, but can be used without any problems with an active pre amp.

The USAB pickup is available in black only and is shipping now. Suggested retail price is $169.99

Featuring patented Alumitone “current drive” design, the Blingbucker adds the glitz and polish for those players who want to make a dramatic sonic and visual statement. The Blingbucker is adorned with 10 pieces of Swarovski crystals, famous for their brilliancy.

Performance wise, the Blingbucker is rated the same output as the ground breaking “Deathbucker” humbucker. Truly zero noise free operation, light weight and incredible high definition tone is the sonic signature of the Blingbucker and all the patented Alumitone range of pickups. High definition tone for the guitar is the goal of design with an appearance that compliments any guitar.

The Blingbucker is available now. Suggested retail price is $199.99

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