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Lovepedal Announces Guitar Center-Exclusive Superlead Pedal

Lovepedal Announces Guitar Center-Exclusive Superlead Pedal

The British stack-voiced Superlead will be available only at Guitar Center

White Plains, MI (September 17, 2010) -- Lovepedal has announced their latest pedal, available exclusively at Guitar Center. The British stack-voiced Superlead features Gain, Drive, and Tone controls with a Mids switch. Here's a description of the pedal from Lovepedal:
The Superlead packs thick, cranked British stack tone into a user-friendly, 3-knob pedal. Turn the gain down for a tough, percussive chunk, or crank it for singing, liquid lead tones with sustain for days. A two-position Mid switch offers your choice of boosted mids for a thicker sound or a more open voicing that lets the tone breathe. Whatever setting you choose, the Superlead delivers impeccable tone that responds to every nuance of your picking. Guitarists rejoice, your quest for the ultimate drive ends here.
The Superlead will be available on October 1 at Guitar Center for $129.

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