The well regarded bass amp company unveiled new amps and pedals to their DV Mark guitar product line

Anaheim, CA (February 7, 2011) -- DV Mark made its first appearance on US soil at the recent NAMM trade show in Anaheim, California, January 13-16. In addition to showing off the products that have getting rave reviews for several months in Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand, the brand also unveiled its new products for 2011:

Triple 6 – a high-gain, turbo-charged twist on the Bad Boy 120 3-channel rock head, modified for hard rock and metal styles.

Galileo 15C – a compact, lightweight 15W 1x12 combo based on the popular Galileo head, which includes the circuitry from the Guitar Tube Marker distortion pedal, and Accutronics spring reverb.

Frank Gambale Combo 112 – developed with legendary guitarist (and DV Mark artist) Frank Gambale, this compact 1x12 combo puts out 150W of clean solid state power (250W@4 ohms) and includes a tube drive channel and Accutronics spring reverb. It weighs 11.7 kg / 25.79 lbs.

Frank Gambale Pre – also developed with Frank Gambale, this one rack space solid state preamp includes three channels (clean/crunch/lead) and programmable delay, reverb, chorus and flanger effects with MIDI control. It’s a great match with the G 1000 power amp.

G 1000 Power Amp – a single rack space, stereo switching MOSFET power amp that serves up 500W a side at 4 ohms, 300W a side at 8 ohms, or 1000W bridged at 8 ohms. Weighs 3,8 kg / 8.38 lbs.

Mini Twelve – A compact, lightweight open-back 1x12 cabinet with 150W of power handling. Weighs 5,5 kg / 12.13 lbs.

Mini Twelve Bag – this ingenious knapsack houses a Mini Twelve cabinet and either a Galileo 15 or Little 40 head, a great portable solution for guitarists on the go.

DVM Chorus & Delay – a digital effect pedal that allows the user to combine chorus/flanger and delay effects and customize them using software for their PC or Mac computer.

Over Marker – a super-cool distortion pedal with a wood and Italian leather housing. Runs on 9V or 12V, or a 9V battery.

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