More pictures from the floor of Musikmesse in Frankfurt

Direct from one of the largest gear gatherings in the world, here’s more of what we saw at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009. Click here for Gallery 1.

Custom Beauty model by Master Luthier Jörg Tandler of Tandler Guitars

Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube 25th Anniversary combo

Hughes & Kettner TriAmp MKII

Gibson LP Studio Raw Power series

Gibson SG Raw Power series

Höfner Verythin 3 CT

Höfner Club Bass - CT

Larrivée Electrics RS-4 models

Larrivée SD-60 Tobacco Sunburst

Classical model made by Guitarras Francisco Bros for the Spanish artist Melendi.

Fender Custom Shop ‘70 Strat “Endless Pinstripe”

Fender Custom Shop  ‘60s Tele Heavy Relic, Lake Placid Blue with Bigsby

Fender Custom Shop Desert Rose Esquire

Fender Custom Shop Rosewood Telecaster

Marshall Haze 40 combo

Check out the Marshall Bling! Jim Marshall’s custom Bentley limo

Fritz Rössel (Rösselbass) plays one of his custom fretless basses. Yes, that’s a granite fingerboard.

Ron Butler with St. Blues Blindsider

Graphics from Duesenberg

New straps from Levy’s Leathers - Watch Video

Breedlove Koa Pro Series LTD C25/KK

MXR Fullbore Metal
Watch designer Jeorge Tripps discuss the pedal in our Video Interview

Dunlop Cry Baby Kirk Hammet signature wah

ENGL Fireball 100

VOX Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah

Fret-King Green Label Elan 50 and Corona SP - Watch Video

Fret-King Green Label Elan 50 SP - Watch Video

UBM Rotator from Hagen Sound-- Still photos don't do this justice, to see it spin, watch our video

Vovox instrument cable

The Jinmoid from BassLab, a 39-fret signature model made for the Japanese artist Jinmo.

PG’s Chris Burgess checking out the BassLab Theta, an entirely hollow guitar--body and neck--made of composite material

RPA Major Treble Booster and J-Fuzz from BSM

The Virtuoso series by Japanese guitar maker Fujigen

Headstock detail on Fujigen Virtuoso VFL-LR

Elmwood Modena M60 19” Rack model

Custom Korea guitar by Kraken Guitars, a Korean company

XS, D'Addario's innovation combines an unprecedented level of strength and stability—all without sacrificing iconic D’Addario tone.

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Matt Bellamy designs his own signature Manson Guitar Works instruments and took ownership of the company when Hugh Manson retired in 2019.

Photo by Debi Del Grande

Muse returns to self-producing on Will of the People, an album teeming with formidable anthems that navigate themes of fear, politics, dystopia, compliance, corruption, and other topics concerning the world order.

Decked out in black ninja-like uniforms with mosaic mirrored masks obscuring their faces, Muse opens their current shows with the powerful, sing-along chant of “Will of the People,” the anthemic title track off their latest album. From that song’s infectious shuffle until the very end of the concert’s encore, people are jumping out of their seats, and appear to be completely mesmerized.