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New David Grissom PRS Guitar

Signature Model Unveiled at NAMM

Stevensville, MD (July 27, 2007) - PRS has unveiled the DGT, a David Grissom signature model, at the Summer NAMM show in Austin. The company describes the guitar as a 20+ year collaboration between Paul Smith and David Grissom. The guitar is essentially a McCarty Trem with features streamlined for beautiful rhythm and solo tone: special pickups, special wiring, a neck smaller than PRS’ wide-fat neck, bigger frets and heavy gauge strings.

Grissom is a guitarist and songwriter who lives in Austin, TX. He''s worked with John Mellencamp, Joe Ely, Storyville (with the Double Trouble rhythm section) and The Dixie Chicks among many others. David has been playing PRS guitars since the beginning of his career with Joe Ely.

The DGT was inspired in part by David’s wish to take the best elements of his PRS guitars and combine them with an extra volume control, a nitro topcoat, vintage colors, his favorite neck shape, large frets and .011 gauge strings.

Smith and Grissom say there were really pleased with the integration of the model’s unique combination of elements. David’s goals were to, “have something the studio guitarists would go for and would capture the hearts of touring musicians.”

Paul Smith added, “During the DGT''s final design phase, I discussed changes with David… just some minor tweaks I was considering. David’s response was, ‘Don’t touch it. I like it the way it is.’ It feels good to know we got this one right for him and look forward to giving other musicians the same gratification when they play one for the first time. Almost every single prototype we’ve built has left our factory the same day it was completed, and almost all are in the hands of well-known studio musicians. These guitars have already become their number one instruments.”

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