paul reed smith

A line of stompboxes designed by PRS.

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Sweet with the resonance and abundant overtones of true hollowbody construction, this light and powerful PRS enables unique blends of electric and acoustic tones.

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Paul Reed Smith’s own vision for the ultimate guitar comes in at an incredibly affordable price.

PRS SE Paul's Guitar, played through a Fractal AX8 direct to Pro Tools, via a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo.
The first segment is a "Plexi Crunch" patch on the AX8, played on the guitar's bridge pickup in full humbucker mode first, then switched to the neck pickup. The following jangly segments are into an edge-of-breakup "Boutique DC30" patch, as follows: bridge full humbucking, then split-coil; neck full humbucking, then split-coil; both pickups together in split-coil mode; then finished off with a quick run with the bridge pickup back in full-humbucking mode.


Easy playing feel. Rich, versatile tones. Performs beyond expectations for its price range.

Some might find pickups to be too hot. Tuner buttons feel downscale.


PRS SE Paul’s Guitar




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