New SRV Book

New SRV Book

Stevie Ray Vaughan Released: Stevie Ray Vaughan-Day By Day, Night After Night

Cedar Hill, TX (November 24, 2008) - Author Craig Hopkins has released his third book on Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Ray Vaughan:Day by Day, Night After Night, a 424 page tome that chronicles the guitar slinger's life and career like no other book that has been published.

The intimate portrait of Vaughan includes nearly 1000 illustrations, consisting of photos, set lists and gig posters as well as handwritten notes, rig diagrams and sketches by Vaughan, himself. The book was compiled from information gathered via interviews with more than a hundred of the people closest to the blues legend, including his family and band mates. It details his rise from humble beginnings, his inspirational recovery from substance abuse, his experiences sharing stages with other blues legends and his death at Alpine Valley that fateful night.

Of particular interest to Premier Guitar readers is the book's listing of known gear that Stevie used. Reading like a massive gathering of information, including multiple accounts of events from different people involved, the book forgoes the traditional author-vetted narrative for a collective primary source approach that allows readers the opportunity to sift through a chronological presentation of stories and data (set lists, known archival footage, personal letters, etc.).

Hopkins was recently awarded the Blues Foundation's 2009 KBA (Keeping the Blues Alive) Award for Literature for his books and their contribution to the blues world. The actual presentation of the award is scheduled to take place February 7, 2009, in Memphis, TN, during the International Blues Challenge weekend.

"My goal was to present it as accurately and completely as possible in the words of those closest to Stevie," Hopkins said. "To preserve this portion of music history for future generations has been a joy and privilege, but I share the recognition with hundreds of interviewees, photographers, collectors and fans who have helped me create this chronicle of one of the greatest guitarists of all time."

3200 copies of the book have been self-published and are available online and at various appearances by the author.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: Day By Day, Night After Night
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