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New York Amp Show Set For May

New York Amp Show Set For May

Mark your calendar... the Second Annual New York Amp Show is coming

New York, NY (February 27, 2008) -- For three years Loni Specter has been bringing together an astounding collection of amp manufacturers, from the big guns like Vox and Fender to boutique manufacturers like Pure 64 in events simply called "Amp Shows." After wrapping the third annual Los Angeles Amp Show in October, Specter set his sights back on New York. The May 10 show will mark the event''s second New York appearance.

The shows are low on frills, cutting superfluous entertainment to get down to what we really want to see, hear and talk about -- amplifiers. The Amp Show will occupy 40 rooms at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Piscataway, NY, where attendees can plug in and try out an impressive offering of new, vintage, and boutique amps, cabs and speakers. In addition, the show will feature the "Tone Wizards" forum and Q&A session, which brings together the minds behind different amp companies to get down to the business of tone. Other draws include GoodTone Amps'' Biasing Clinic, a chance to check out the ever-growing "Pedalboard From Hell" and , of course, gear giveaways.

The event is open to the public with an admission fee of $20, and will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 10.

The Amp Show''s list of exhibitors as of February first includes: 65 Amps, Analog.Man, Atomic Amps, AXL, Blackstar, Bit-Mo, Bludotone Amps, Bluetron Amps, Brookwood Leather, Brown Note Amps, DeGennaro Guitars, Cameron Amplification, DST Engineering, Carol-Ann Custom, Doug’s Tubes, Egnater Amps, Electro-Harmonix, Fender, Fractal Audio, Fuchs Amplifiers, Goodsell Amps, GoodTone Amplifiers, Guitar Jam Daily, Hammond, Hermida Audio, HiWatt, Hoffman Amplification, Kahler Tremelos, Kustom Amps, Lace, Line-6, Marshall, Metro Amps, Peavey, Pedaltrain, Phil Jones Bass Amps, Pigtronix, Port City Amps, Pure 64, Red Iron Amps, Reason Amplifier, Reinhardt Amplification, Retro King Amps, Solid Cables, Sommatone Amps, Sound of Pices, Star Amplifiers, TopHat, Tube Wonder, Valvetech Amps, ValveTrain, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Vox, and XITS Sound.

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