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Blackstar Introduces the Dept. 10 AMPED 2

Blackstar Introduces the Dept. 10 AMPED 2

Blackstar's 100-watt pedal power amplifier has drive pedals in the front end, and is designed to deliver the tone and feel of a traditional valve amp.

AMPED 2 is designed by Dept. 10 – the Blackstar team responsible for blue sky innovation and design. This team of engineers are all musicians themselves and are constantly researching new ideas to help create your perfect tone.

The unique power amplifier design uses current feedback which mimics a valve amplifier interaction with a speaker cabinet. This very high headroom design delivers the thump and presence of a valve amp with 100W power into any speaker cabinet at 8 or 16 ohms.

AMPED 2 runs at universal voltage so it can be used anywhere in the world from 100v to 240v50/60Hz. Couple this with Blackstar’s built-in CabRig simulator technology with low latency USB, XLRor Line out D.I., plus MIDI, and a configurable effects loop and you’ve got a gig-ready touring rig that can go anywhere in the world and fit into the pocket of your gig bag.


  • 100W 3-channel pedal power amp with effects that can power a cabinet, and connect to a direct input (DI) and a traditional amp channel.
  • Unique high headroom power amplifier design along with the Response control for distinctly different and authentic power valve responses and guitar amp dynamics.
  • CabRig simulator technology built-in with low latency USB, XLR, or Line out D.I.
  • When driving a cabinet, automatically matches to the speaker impedance to deliver maximum power and optimum tone with any 8 or 16 Ohm cabinet set-up.
  • Response control delivers three distinctly different and authentic power valve responses -EL34, 6L6, and EL84. Each setting delivers the response, dynamics, sag, and break-up characteristics of the selected valve power amp.
  • Choose from USA, UK, and Classic Amp voicings to dial in your perfect tone.
  • 3 drive voices – Boost, Drive and Fuzz.
  • Onboard multi-effects. Effects include Modulation, Delay, and Reverb.
  • Pro connectivity and integration into your setup using low latency USB audio as an interface for recording, TRS stereo line out, and XLR Mono D.I. for live use.
  • Effects loop, 2 x 9V DC outputs, and MIDI control for easy integration into pedalboard or rig.
  • On board Chromatic Tuner allowing for tuning on the fly during live performances.

Blackstar Introduces the Dept. 10 AMPED 2

AMPED 2 is priced at MAP in the US is $649, GBP SRP is £539 and Euro SRP is €649.

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