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BMF Effects Releases the High Roller

BMF Effects Releases the High Roller

An updated take on a rodent-style classic circuit.

The High Roller may look suave and chic on the outside... but beneath that classy exterior lies the soul of a rodent: a classic rodent with an LM308 heart.

BMF's take on one of the most well-known distortion pedals of all time provides players with a wide range of sonic acreage to roam. The High Roller has just three knobs – Volume, Gain, and Tone (which is actually a treble cut as you turn it clockwise) – but they are very interactive, providing you with a wide range of tonal possibilities. Face melt? Sure. Full-bodied fusion tones? Aye. Smokey blues with some grease on the side? You know it. Garage grind? Got it right here, man. You might say the High Roller is a rodent of many colors once you get to know it.

BMF Effects High Roller Distortion

  • Custom made 16ga. steel enclosure.
  • Industrial grade powder coating.
  • True bypass switching.
  • Includes 9-volt battery compartment; can also use external DC power.

The High Roller Distortion retails for $189 and is available at BMF Effects retailers or directly online at