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Rig Rundown: Blu DeTiger

Whether it’s slapping on TikTok, headlining solo tours, performing with Jack Antonoff and Olivia Rodrigo, or improvising over her DJ set, this badass player just needs a Jazz bass to get the party popping.

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Although he’s playing a Fender Mustang bass in this photo, Crumbly’s current main instrument is a well-worn 2012 Fender American Special Precision he got off the wall at Chicago Music Exchange.

Photo by Justin de Nooijer

On his new album ForEver, the songwriter, player, and conceptualist shows he knows no stylistic bounds.

Joshua Crumbly says that a lot of his musical ideas start out reflectively, like a mantra or meditation, often repeated over and over as he develops them. It’s a Zen-like practice that allows him to access a deeper, more intuitive headspace. “All of the songs that made ForEver, they kind of took my mind and heart somewhere as I played them,” he says of his new album. “And there was so much going on in the world during the pandemic, I just feel like the storylines came to fruition.”

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A Beautifully Simple Vibrato Like No Other [Tuna Tone Instruments] | Why I Built This

Tuna Tone’s Leila Sidi on the trans-Atlantic collaboration that yielded the perfect fingerpicking-friendly trem system for her small-frame-friendly axes.

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