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While studying jazz performance at Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Moser was mentored by musicians such as Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci, and Victor Wooten.

Photo by Manuela Haeussler

Ciara Moser’s debut album Blind. So What? takes listeners deep into her brilliant, adventurous bass playing—and her life as a blind person in a sighted world.

Ciara Moser has a mission with her debut album, Blind. So what? The jazz-fusion bassist and composer is educating the sighted listener through her lyrics on the record, addressing a range of topics she has experienced and navigated throughout her 27 years, from spatial orientation and heightened senses to questions raised and misconceptions held about life as a blind person.

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Rig Rundown: Blu DeTiger

Whether it’s slapping on TikTok, headlining solo tours, performing with Jack Antonoff and Olivia Rodrigo, or improvising over her DJ set, this badass player just needs a Jazz bass to get the party popping.

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Considering all of the possibilities, there’s no one perfect bass tone. But there’s a path to finding your own sound.

How can we consider “the perfect bass tone” when there are, at a minimum, millions of players, thousands of styles of music, countless bass and amp combinations, and, throughout it all, the idea that individualism and self-expression are key? Do all great singers really have something in common? From Billie to Beyoncé, we’ll always find fanatically loyal listeners who will happily testify that their pick is the greatest. What we can honestly say is they can’t all be right, and yet, in some way, they kind of are!

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