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Chibson Announces the Priority Delay

Chibson Priority Delay

Chibson Priority Delay

Chibson USA and Blammo Electronics team up to create the limited-edition Priority Delay pedal, featuring a dual PT2399/compander setup for long, noise-free repeat times and intuitive controls for easy use.

"It’s time to check the mailbox one more time because Chibson USA and Blammo Electronics have delivered with the all new Priority Delay Pedal! After 4 years in the making Chibson USA and Blammo Electronics have combined forces to bring a limited edition, fully functional Analog/Digital hybrid delay pedal that will be sure to turn any Postmaster’s head."

This pedal has settings for “Tracking”, “Days”, “Months” and even an indicator light that lets you know your tone is “Out For Delivery.”

"Adding to the authentic feel of the Priority Delay is the pedal’s Collector Box designed by Chibson USA which gives the excitement of a special delivery straight to your door…but now you get to decide when it arrives."

No C.O.D.s Pre-sales begin April 1st and ship Mid-May 2024

The Priority delay uses a dual PT2399 / compander setup for long, noise-free repeat times up to 1.5 seconds (at 45 BPM) as well as super short slap-back and fake double-tracked sounds.

The no-click footswitch is either momentary or regular latching style (press and hold for momentary, or simply tap for on/off latching) and is set up in a buffered fashion so the delay repeats decay naturally after the pedal is turned off rather than abruptly die out when switched into bypass mode.

The “Days” knob controls the repeat function and will self-oscillate when turned fully clockwise but gets even more wild when fiddling with the “Tracking” or time knob at the same time. This is how folks get those crazy whooshing spaceship sounds and the Priority Delay does this well with its unique echo voicing.

The “Months” knob is a Mix control that sets the loudness of the repeated signal. It goes from barely audible, to significantly louder than the original signal. Single-coil pickups might be a bit quieter than humbuckers, but not by much. In summary, the Priority Delay is an easy-to-use pedal with intuitive controls that can do long AND short delay times well.

  • Buffered Bypass
  • No-click footswitch either momentary or regular latching
  • Top mounted jacks
  • 1590bb enclosure (4.7 in x 3.7 in x 1.34 in)
  • Blue LED on/off indicator
  • 2.1mm center negative 9 volt DC power supply (Boss style)

For more information, please visit

NOT A JOKE! - The Priority Delay from Chibson and Blammo IS REAL and you can REALLY BUY IT