delay pedal

Introducing the limited-edition HALO Core by Keeley Electronics, with only 300 units available.

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Chibson Priority Delay

Chibson USA and Blammo Electronics team up to create the limited-edition Priority Delay pedal, featuring a dual PT2399/compander setup for long, noise-free repeat times and intuitive controls for easy use.

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A super sounding analog delay stalwart finds refinement in tap tempo, subdivisions, and a hold switch.

A great-sounding analog delay that’s easy to use and rather addictive in the process.

Repeats control tapers abruptly, and the two footswitches are very close together.


Jam Pedals Delay Llama Mk3


In this thoughtful, understated upgrade of the original Delay Llama, those sneaky folks at Jam Pedals have brought much of the essential bonus functionality of 2020’s Delay Llama Xtreme to a more compact pedal with a simple and familiar layout. Though the new Llama looks a lot like its predecessors, the Mk3 includes a tap-tempo footswitch, subdivisions switch, and a hold function—simple, practical, but critical improvements that enhance its functionality and musical capabilities considerably.

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