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​Spurr Audio Presents the Time Traveler Delay

​Spurr Audio Presents the Time Traveler Delay

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Time Traveler Delay combines vintage warmth and modern versatility to create a unique delay experience.

Spurr Audio proudly presents the Time Traveler Delay, an analog-inspired guitar pedal that transports your sound on a sonic journey through time.

Key features of the Time Traveler Delay include:

1. Analog Tone with 500ms Delay: Immerse your guitar tone in rich, analog warmth with up to 500ms of delay time. From subtle echoes to spacious repeats, the Time Traveler Delay adds depth and dimension to your playing.

2. Oscillation and Infinite Repeats: Push the limits of sonic exploration with the ability to create mesmerizing oscillating delays that surge and evolve. Engage the infinite repeats function to create expansive soundscapes and captivating textures.

3. Analog VU Meter: The Time Traveler Delay features an analog VU meter that reacts dynamically to your playing, measuring the amount of "plutonium" in your tone journey. Watch the meter dance and respond to your performance, adding a visual element to your sonic exploration.

4. Animated Flux Capacitor: Paying homage to the iconic Back to the Future time machine, the Time Traveler Delay showcases an accurate and animated flux capacitor. Engage the toggle switch to activate the captivating flux capacitor, serving as a visual indicator of your journey through time. Why would you ever want to turn it off?

5. Handcrafted Excellence: Each Time Traveler Delay is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that every unit is unique in its own right. Attention to detail and artisanal craftsmanship make the Time Traveler Delay a truly exceptional piece of musical equipment.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Time Traveler Delay, a pedal that merges vintage analog warmth with futuristic visual elements," said Victor, Foundator at Spurr Audio. "Whether you're seeking vintage-inspired delay tones or pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration, the Time Traveler Delay is a tool that will transport your guitar playing to new dimensions."

The Time Traveler Delay will be available for purchase right now at a retail price of US $235. Quantities are limited due to the handcrafted nature of each pedal, so secure yours today to embark on a truly unique tonal journey.

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