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The new models house a Voiced Tone VTH-77 humbucker, a CTA-III tremolo system, and stainless steel saddles.

Cort Guitars introduces the G280 Select electric guitar, designed for excellent playability and sonic performance. A revamped follow-up of the previously introduced G280DX flagship, the new G280 Select offers a boutique high-grade look and solid build quality. Choice tonewoods combined with a newly added rosewood fingerboard, Voiced Tone VTH-77 hot humbucker, and pearloid pickguard deliver a modern aesthetic and versatile sound that can be used for both classic and modern musical genres.

Like its G Series predecessors, the G280 Select is designed with modern flair that retains the familiar characteristics of a classic double-cutaway in an aesthetically tasteful manner. The alder body provides a warm and full-bodied tone, while the beautiful flame maple top tightens the overall sound with strong high-midrange brilliance. The newly added pearloid pickguard, against the choice of Amber or Trans Black finish, adds an extra shimmer under bright stage lights.

The G280 Select's robust sonic characteristics are ideally complemented by the fatter and hotter-sounding VTH-77 bridge humbucker and the VTS-63 single-coil pickups, which offer modern clarity in clean settings, punchy bite, and great sustain when engaged in overdrive and distortion settings. Pushing sonic versatility to the max, Cort's CTA-III Tremolo System provides a recessed bridge, allowing the player to pull up and raise the pitch or push down to lower it. The system is built with stainless steel saddles, a solid machined steel block, and a steel baseplate to provide greatly improved sustain, faster and punchier pick attack, and a more coherent and balanced fundamental tone.

G280 Select players are provided ample controls with one volume knob, one tone knob, and a 5-way switch for the HSS (humbucker/single-coil/single-coil) configuration. To help keep the player focused on playing, Cort has designed a compound radius fingerboard (12 to 16 inches), a deluxe feature that improves the transition from easy chording on the low register to high-speed soloing and string-bending on the upper register. This improved playability complements Cort's newly designed Ergo-V neck profile and shape, which provides more comfort at any position. The 22-fret rosewood fingerboard delivers a warm, rich tone that's balanced by the punchy midrange tone of the solid Canadian hard maple neck — a classic combination that's ideally suited for the G280 Select style. The finishing chrome hardware and staggered lock tuners are simple yet elegant, providing excellent stability as well as ease of string changes.

Cort's G Series was designed to represent a logical evolution of the term "vintage." The G280 Select represents the newest realization of this vision, offering excellent sonic character, stunning sophistication, and a wide variety of options and features to best meet a player's specific needs and requirements.

MSRP: US $849.99

MAP: US $549.99

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