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DiMarzio Introduces Dave Davidson Occult Classic Pickups

DiMarzio Introduces Dave Davidson Occult Classic Pickups

Designed for the bridge position of Dave Davidson’s longer 26.5-inch scale length Jackson Warrior guitar, the Occult Classic Bridge delivers a deep and bold low end, keeping the notes precise for a staccato rhythm style.

Dave’s focus on his new bridge pickup was to hear every note evenly when playing complex chords with open strings. To add to the challenge, it had to perform the same way under heavy distortion. The Occult Classic™ Bridge allows you to clearly hear the lower strings without any compromise. Not only is it great for thrash riffs, but the lower output also makes it very punchy and articulate. Great overall tone for a clean sound and distortion.

Dave Davidson really loves the sound of the Imperium Neck pickup. He just wanted to figure out a way to make it sound even better if possible! This pickup also needed to perform equally well in different scale lengths as Dave’s new axe is equipped with a longer 26.5-inch scale neck.

The Occult Classic Neck was designed to give a creamy neck tone for leads that also has a rounded-out, full, robust sound when playing clean. It has just enough punch to cut through when playing a lead. The clean low end, smooth midrange, and crystalline top end deliver an articulate, woody string tone, even with tons of distortion.

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Dave Davidson for DiMarzio Occult Classic Bridge and Neck Pickups.