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Double Pickups Announces the AcoustiFex GO Pro

Double Pickups Announces the AcoustiFex GO Pro

The AcoustiFex GO Pro is a customizable “app-driven” pickup, preamp, effects, and wireless system that gives players chorus, reverb, delay & compression when playing unplugged.

Double Pickups USA announces the availability of the newAcoustiFex® GO Pro, the next generation of the best-selling patented AcoustiFex® GO pickup, preamp, and FX system for acoustic guitars. The AcoustiFex® GO Pro brings a new level of technology and sonic flexibility to players who want something more from their Acoustic Guitars.

The AcoustiFex® GO Pro is a customizable “app-driven” pickup, preamp, effects, and wireless system that gives players chorus, reverb, delay & compression when playing unplugged, plus amagnetic stacked humbucker pickup & condenser microphone plus effects and wireless transmission to an amp or DI up to 150 ft away!


First and foremost, the AcoustiFex® GO Pro is a first-class pickup system featuring a proprietary stacked humbucking pickup and an onboard condenser microphone with a blend control. This combination of pickups produces an amazingly full and balanced sound that’s not too harsh and definitely not “muddy”. The blend control allows players to add just the right amount of body and top end to the sound to fit the venue they’re playing.


But it absolutely doesn’t stop there. Players also get access to 4 digital effects that can be active both when playing acoustically (unplugged), or when plugged into an amp, DI, or console. Players choose from Compression, Reverb, Chorus & Delay, and when using the Doublecompanion app, have full control of the effect parameters via the graphic “stompbox” interface. Layering effects on the go is as simple as pushing the brew button on a coffee maker.

Wireless up to 150 Feet

When the wireless feature is enabled, the system features the transmitter (the unit itself) plus a compact receiver that simply plugs directly into the ¼” jack on an amp, DI, or mixing console. The UHF transmission has zero latency and an amazing range of up to 150ft (50M).

Wired output the distance to your DI

Don’t want to use the wireless feature? No problem! The AcoustiFex® GO Pro also comes with a standard ¼” output jack that can be permanently installed into the guitar, or attached to theendpin strap peg with the included leather jack holder.

The Companion App

X2 Double has developed the companion app for use with the AcoustiFex GO Pro system. Inside the app, players can customize each preset stored in the pickup. Customizations include custom EQ settings for each preset, adding in notch filters, and setting EQ for the Microphone output. Players can adjust effect parameters and layer effects to get the perfect sound for the song. There’s an integrated chromatic tuner, metronome, looper, and drum machine as well for practice and play-along.

The X2 Double AcoustiFex GO Pro system is priced at $299.

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