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Ground Control Launches the Bread Oath Overdrive

Ground Control Launches the Bread Oath Overdrive

Built around the foundation of Ground Control's very first pedal – 2016’s Blood Oath – the new Bread Oath offers revised filters along with other refinements.

At its core, the Bread Oath is a low-mid gain, opamp-based overdrive with four knobs to control Gain, Tone, Preamp gain, and output Volume. It’s designed to push guitar amps into breakup and sprinkle in some clipping harmonics of its own with a series of carefully chosen feedback diodes.

Following up on multiple iterations and over 6 years of user feedback, the Bread Oath includes both silicon and germanium clipping modes in one pedal, which can be selected by a top-mounted 2-position switch.

The Bread Oath also features a preamp boost which pushes the clipping stage even further, for when a player needs to add an extra bit of muscle. The boost level is controlled by its own aforementioned Pre knob and can be engaged via footswitch.

Features of the new Bread Oath pedal include:

  • True bypass switching
  • 9-volt DC power operation with external source - no battery compartment
  • Made in Canada
  • Top-mounted jacks with better cable management in mind
  • User-friendly size for easy reach of both footswitches

Ground Control - Bread Oath overdrive launch demo

The Bread Oath can be purchased directly from Ground Control as well as participating retailers for MSRP $219 USD.

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