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Ground Control Audio Unveils the Noodles Tone Shaper

Ground Control Audio Unveils the Noodles Tone Shaper

An interesting take on a 3-band active EQ/boost that features 64 different combinations.

Montreal, Canada (December 11, 2020) -- After two years of relative silence, Montreal’s guitar pedal outfit finally unveils the fruit of this crazy year’s work: the Noodles Tone Shaper.

The Noodles is a 3-band active EQ/boost pedal. It features a bass, mids and treble channel. Each channel has its own gain control as well as a choice of 3 carefully selected frequencies of interest that you can cycle through using a simple push button. Each channel is togglable using a foot switch for a total of 64 different filter recipes to add flavor to your tone. When enabled, the output of each channel is mixed in equally with the others as well as the dry signal, which always comes through.

Not a complicated EQ, not a simple boost, just the best of both and a nice kick in the tone to push your amp right past the edge of breakup.

The Noodles features the same pre-amp technology that made the success of our Amaterasu bright pre-amp and Tsukuyomi midrange booster as well as a digitally-controlled solid state analog signal routing system built around the ARM Cortex-M microcontroller platform.

The Noodles Tone Shaper is available January 2021, directly from Ground Control Audio’s website and from select retailers at a suggested retail price of 249USD.

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