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Hughes & Kettner Launches the StompMan

Hughes & Kettner Launches the StompMan

The newest addition to Hughes & Kettner's AmpMan line is described as a full-fledged guitar amp in stompbox format.

With its pedal-friendly design and a host of connection options, this power amp delivers up to 50 watts depending on the connected speakers’ impedance. Even at the lower end of the spectrum – 12.5 watts at 16 ohms – it packs a punch assertive enough to be heard and felt in most rehearsal rooms and gigging situations. Another hallmark feature is Hughes & Kettner’s exclusive analog Sagging knob, which controls power amp saturation by seamlessly varying its supply voltage.

The StompMan works with upstream effects plugged into its front end, bringing out the best in these stompboxes and its adjustable FX Loop does the same for reverb and delay effects. This floor amp also provides tools for integrating outboard external preamps. The Bypass button removes the onboard preamp from the signal chain, while the Trim knob is intended to set the gain to a sweet-spot level that works best with the power amp section.


  • Compact, single-channel guitar amp in stompbox format
  • Fully analog, zero-latency Spirit Tone Generator technology
  • Tone, Resonance, Presence and Sagging controls
  • Solo: Second master volume with adjustable 0 dB to + 6 dB boost
  • Solo and Bypass/FX Loop footswitches
  • 50 watts power output
  • Sagging knob to adjust power amp compression at any volume
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 132 x 52 x 153 mm
  • Weight 0.65 kg

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The new Hughes & Kettner StompMan is slated for release in March 2022 and will be available at dealerships at an SRP of €199.00. To learn more, visit