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John Petrucci and Ernie Ball Music Man Introduces the Majesty 8

john petrucci ernie ball music man majesty

A collaboration many years in the making, Ernie Ball Music Man and John Petrucci are excited to launch the much-anticipated Majesty 8 String guitar. Over the past decade, the rise in popularity for 8 string models has grown significantly, and the demand for an Ernie Ball Music Man 8 string guitar has been well-voiced throughout the guitar community.

John Petrucci and the Ernie Ball Music Man R&D team have introduced the world to some of the most technologically innovative guitar designs and felt the time was right for an 8 string model with the same performance, playability, and attention to detail so prevalent with the John Petrucci line of signature instruments. Building on the success of the best-selling EBMM Majesty, the decision was made to create an 8 string version with the same performance-minded specifications and race-inspired design that makes the Majesty one of the most ergonomic and perfectly balanced instruments available. Without influence from other 8 string models, John Petrucci decided that his signature 8 string model would start with three principal appointments, a basswood body through-neck design finished in his original Mystic Dream signature colorway, and an equalized amount of tension across all eight strings. To make this work a multi-scale fanned fret concept was discussed and implemented.

The new multiscale fretboard features 24 stainless steel fanned-frets and measures 27" on the bass side with a standard scale length of 25.5" on the treble side. The fanned fret, multi-scale design allows for a longer string length providing a comfortable amount of tension on the bass strings, with a traditional feel on the treble side for fluid string bends and solos. The electronics package includes a 3-way selector switch with signature 8 string custom-angled DiMarzio Dreamcatcher (bridge) and Rainmaker (neck) pickups. Also included is a 3-way toggle that incorporates a piezo bridge system giving the Majesty a very focused and highly versatile palette of tones. The Majesty 8 string will be hand-numbered on the back of the headstock and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The Majesty 8 string will also come with a signed control cavity cover, hand-numbered on the back of the headstock, and accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity. You can order the Majesty 8 at

The Majesty 8 is featured on the upcoming Dream Theater album, A View From the Top of the World, out everywhere on October 22. It's limited to 100 guitars worldwide and available to purchase today through, the Ernie Ball Music Man Reverb Shop, as well as through select Ernie Ball Music Man retailers on 10/1/21.

Ernie Ball Music Man: John Petrucci Majesty 8-String Guitar


● Fanned Frets
● Multiple scale
● Hand-numbered back of headstock #1 - #100
● Angled hardtail bridge
● Angled DiMarzio Rainmaker and Dreamcatcher pickups
● Push/Push volume control for over 20dB gain boost
● Original Mystic Dream colorway
● John Petrucci signed Certificate of Authenticity
● Autographed cavity control cover

Additionally, Ernie Ball is pleased to announce the all-new Regular Slinky 8-string electric guitar strings. Ernie Ball Nickel Wound Slinky Electric Guitar Strings are made from nickel-plated steel wire wrapped around a tin-plated hex-shaped steel core wire. The plain strings are made of specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel producing a well-balanced tone that compliments all guitar types and playing styles. This set is optimized for longer scale lengths and multiscale instruments. All strings are 39.5" long and the .074 has a 37" taper. Gauges are .010, .013, .0165, .024w, .032, .044, .058, .074". You can find them on

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