LAA Custom Introduces the SmartSwitcher

The world's first app-programmable, remote-controlled guitar switcher that can be operated from a sleek footswitch unit.

The main concept behind the SmartSwitcher remains unchanged – a compact app-programmable switcher that can be operated from a remote sleek footswitch unit, meaning the switcher can sit in your pedalboard (even under your pedals) or in a rack. You then only need the footswitch unit (SmartController) on-stage with you. The switcher has10 loops - 6 mono and 4 stereo – which can mean up to 14 mono loops using Y-splitters, while the SmartController can be extended from 5 switches to 10, using an extender unit.

The SonicMind app itself is completely intuitive and enables you to easily create presets by dragging and dropping your connected pedals to where you want them, either before the amp, or in the send/return loop. Among other details, you can also assign as many banks as you want to each footswitch or set output levels and boost per preset. You can pull presets together into songs, then songs into set lists. Or you can use direct selection of presets via the multiple footswitches (up to 10) and banks. You can also dedicate footswitches to different functions, from individual songs to output levels. The idea is that you can set this switcher up to do whatever you want to. It also now features a range of midi functionality so you can control midi pedals and even connect to a midi controller.


  • 100% analog sound
  • Smallest 10/14-loop switcher on the market: 300mm x 110mm x 44mm (11.75” x 4.24” x 1.75”)
  • Sleek front-of-board remote control unit (SmartController) with 5 footswitches: 300mm x 65mm x 26mm (11.75”x 2.5”x 1”)
  • Sleek Extension unit with 5 footswitches with built-in connector to SmartController: 300mm x 65mm x 26mm (11.75”x 2.5”x 1”)
  • 6 mono and 4 stereo loops (using a Y-splitter cable can actually enable up to 14 mono loops)
  • Customizable signal path and effect positioning for each preset
  • Fully-flexible positioning of send/return loop – per preset
  • Full programming via intuitive app (iOS or Android) – connected via Bluetooth
  • Unlimited onboard presets
  • Full output level and boost (up to 6dB), programmable for each preset
  • Stereo or a/b/y user-selectable outputs
  • 1:1 stereo mixer on loop 9&10 for parallel dry/wet and spillover
  • Programmable dry signal in parallel with mono loops 1 & 2
  • LAA True Coil transformers on the main output
  • Phase reverse on Output A or B
  • Audio-grade buffers
  • Ground-loop isolator
  • 4 aux switches for amp channel switching
  • 2 expression pedal inputs
  • Midi in/out interface
  • Full midi mapping with Control Change and Program Change on the app
  • Up to 8 simultaneously output midi messages on different channels
  • Full, secure back-up of all settings and preset + offline editing
  • Optional cable connection between controller and switcher

LAA SmartSwitcher – available now on Reverb – Revolutionary guitar pedal switcher!

For more information visit:

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