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Lang Amps Introduces Overdrive / Boost Pedal

Lang Amps Introduces Overdrive / Boost Pedal

The OD / Boost was designed to guarantee that you can reliably get your signature tone in any situation.

Lang Amps has introduced their first guitar effect pedal, the Lang Overdrive / Boost. Featuring roadworthy construction and top-grade components, the US-made pedal performs many roles. For starters, it can be used as an amp-in-a-box with natural tube-like overdrive/distortion – perfect for gigging musicians who need to contend with an unpredictable array of backline amps at different venues. The OD / Boost guarantees that you can reliably get your signature tone in any situation.

It's also a killer-sounding distortion pedal for driving amps, placed in your normal signal chain on your pedalboard. Other pedals have circuits that can change diodes and clipping circuitry, but only the Lang OD can continuously adjust from clipping at the power rails to the zero crossing for each half of the signal.

The Lang OD pedal can be adjusted for symmetrical or asymmetrical clipping at any level, from the voltage power rails to the signal's zero crossing point. This allows you to adjust the dynamics and the even and odd harmonics separately from the drive/ gain control.

Each pedal offers the following features:

  • Six knobs to control Volume, Gain, Tone, Clip 1 and Clip 2, and Boost volume
  • True bypass on/off switching for Overdrive and Boost
  • 13 dB Boost circuit, independent of Overdrive circuit
  • 9-volt operation with standard DC input
  • Made in the USA

Lang pedal demo By Sean

The Land OD also features a built-in boost that delivers up to 13 dB of added muscle. The boost can be used independently of overdrive, so it’s great for pushing the front end of your amplifier – or together with the overdrive circuit engaged, or on its own.​

The Lang OD / Boost carries a $250 price.

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