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LegendaryTones Unleashes the Lynch Mod

LegendaryTones Unleashes the Lynch Mod

The module features a pair of 12AX7 tubes and adds an entire gain stage to your amp.

LegendaryTones today announced production availability of its new Lynch Mod, a 100% pure tube module designed to deliver expanded high-gain capabilities for numerous classic Marshall amplifiers. Created in collaboration with legendary guitarist George Lynch, the Lynch Mod adds an adjustable 100% pure tube gain stage with bass boost/cut control, all the while keeping note definition and articulation while further increasing sustain.

The Lynch Mod installs in minutes and requires no special tools or re-biasing of an amplifier. Simply insert the module into the middle V2 preamp position and immediately get the benefit of enjoying a hot-rodded amp that delivers all the pure harmonic character that comes with an added pure tube gain stage.

The Lynch Mod incorporates a gain knob that goes from unity mild gain to scorching hot sustain. A Deep switch was added that provides a bass boost when desired or when using a guitar that might otherwise be a little thin. With the Deep switch off, the low end is tightened and it serves as a bass cut for added clarity when used for certain music styles and instruments.

Each Lynch Mod is meticulously built, wired by hand in the U.S.A using high-grade materials. Equipped with a pair of JJ ECC83 (12AX7) tubes, the Lynch Mod adds a gain stage to your Marshall that's been proudly tuned and approved by the ears of the maestro George Lynch himself.

"Finding that balance between pre vs. power amp gain, sag, sustain, dynamics, and touch-sensitivity in an amp has been a perpetual challenge," said George Lynch. "To my ears, the Lynch Mod is an impressive one-stop solution that gets you there."

The hand-wired Lynch is now available to order for $299.

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