The TAD 6550A-STR REDBASE is a premium tube designed to offer a sweet, full-bodied tone with silky highs and powerful bass range.

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Fender '68 Custom Pro Reverb Demo - First Look

Fender's modern take on the classic amp adds a midrange control, ditches the "normal" channel, and substitutes the two speakers of yore with a single Celestion 12" Neo Creamback.

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The module features a pair of 12AX7 tubes and adds an entire gain stage to your amp.

LegendaryTones today announced production availability of its new Lynch Mod, a 100% pure tube module designed to deliver expanded high-gain capabilities for numerous classic Marshall amplifiers. Created in collaboration with legendary guitarist George Lynch, the Lynch Mod adds an adjustable 100% pure tube gain stage with bass boost/cut control, all the while keeping note definition and articulation while further increasing sustain.

The Lynch Mod installs in minutes and requires no special tools or re-biasing of an amplifier. Simply insert the module into the middle V2 preamp position and immediately get the benefit of enjoying a hot-rodded amp that delivers all the pure harmonic character that comes with an added pure tube gain stage.

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