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Magma Unveils Flat Series Strings

Magma Unveils Flat Series Strings

A full range of electric, acoustic and bass string sets from Magma.

Magma Strings' new warehouse in Miami, Florida was opened to handle U.S. distribution. Magma produces over four hundred different sets of strings for all types of stringed instruments. Their Magma Flat Series strings are unique in that they are first round wound, then flattened. This process provides greater volume, brilliance and sustain than traditional flat strings. Their soft and smooth surface is designed to provide clear, deep sound and eliminate finger noise and squeaks making them ideal for live performances and recording.


  • Clear tone, deep bass, smooth, fast action, no squeaks and longer lasting
  • Magma Flat Electric Stainless Steel Guitar Strings are available in three gauges, GE140SF - .010-.046, GE160SF - .011-.050 and GA170SF- .012-.052.
  • Ideal for all playing styles
  • GE140SF and GE160SF sets come with two 3rd strings, one flat, one wound.
  • Made in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • All sets utilize anti-corrosive and recyclable packaging.

Electric Guitar: all sets – MSRP $21.70 / MAP $16.98. Magma strings are available at retailers nationwide or directly online at – with free shipping to customers in the U.S.