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MAS Effects Introduces the Sona Fuzz

MAS Effects Introduces the Sona Fuzz

The latest addition to the MAS Effects lineup is designed to offer wide-ranging tonal control and high-gain fuzz.


  • 3 different powder coats available: the standard Natural finish, as well as special limited Sparkle and Sunshine finishes
  • "Body" switch adjusts the input filter
  • "Tone" knob pans between high pass and low pass filters on the output
  • 4 transistor, silicon, extremely high-gain fuzz is designed for simple biasing and predictable, stable behavior
  • Soft touch, relay controlled, true-bypass foot switch also allows for hold to momentarily engage or bypass

Sona Fuzz is available in select retailers or directly online at for $149, and includes free shipping within the U.S. Additional demos are available on the Sona Fuzz product page: