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Messiah Guitars Announces the Eddie Boostdrive

Messiah Guitars Announces the Eddie Boostdrive

Messiah Guitars announces the Eddie Boostdrive, a collaboration with celebrated Nashville guitarist Eddie Haddad.

The pedal includes two independently operated circuits - a single knob booster, and a dual-mode drive featuring a 3-band EQ. The booster is comprised of a single-stage MOSFET transistor providing boost ranging from -3dB to 32dB. At low settings, the boost adds sparkle to the tone, while a fully cranked setting will send your amp to fuzz-like overdrive. The booster engagement is indicated by a purple illuminated foot switch.

The overdrive basic building block contains a soft-clipped op-amp stage, inspired by a screamer-style circuit. In addition to the classic silicon clipping, the pedal has an LED mode for a more open, amp-like breakup. Silicon mode is indicated by a green LED while the LED sidelights up red.

The active 3-band EQ is highly interactive and is capable of emulating many popular drive sounds. Although both effects can be used separately, engaging them simultaneously produces juicy tones that will easily cut through the mix. In addition, the drive features a TIGHT switch on the side of the enclosure engaging an input high-pass filter cutting the bottom end pre-gain.

Although the pedal accepts a regular 9V pedal power supply, it features an internal charge pump providing 18V to both circuits for more headroom.

“I wanted a super versatile ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of an overdrive in a pedalboard-friendly enclosure. The pre-drive booster is so natural sounding and I can use it as a transparent overdrive as well a boost. When combined with the drive side it gets juicy but still stays clear.” says Haddad.

Hejda adds: “The EQ and TIGHT switch provide the pedal with a wide range of tonal possibilities. The two clipping modes offer break up from mild crunch to medium distortion.”

The Eddie Boostdrive has been extensively field-tested on stage and in the studio. Whether you’re a tube amp purist or an amp modeling aficionado, this pedal will add inspiring sounds to any rig.

Notable players currently using the Eddie Boostdrive include RJ Ronquillo, Ford Thurston, and Doug Doppler, to name a few.

Messiah Guitars pedals are designed with the explorative player in mind. The Eddie Boostdriveoffers an array of sonic options with its controls. Like their custom guitars and amplifiers, Messiah’s pedals are hand-crafted in Los Angeles for a long life with guaranteed quality.

  • 6-knob controls, a 2-way mode switch, and a side slider switch; space-saving top side jacks
  • Durable, cast aluminum alloy 125B enclosure with fun artwork
  • Easy to see, illuminated optical true bypass foot switches
  • Standard 9V/100mA pedal power input
The Eddie Boostdrive retails for $279.00.
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