Metal Pedals

The new collaboration features a handwired circuit and a gain bump toggle switch.

Metal Pedals has introduced the brand new Smokestack overdrive, a collaboration with guitar ace Johnny Hiland.

Supremely versatile and ideal for rock, country and blues, the Smokestack joins the company's highly regarded line of organic tone shaping overdrive / distortion pedals.

Designed for the discriminating ear of Johnny Hiland, the Smokestack features all hand-wired discrete circuitry and delivers a huge variety of tones, ranging from mild overdrive to high-gain distortion.

This unique pedal sports four controls: Gain, Tone, and Volume, along with a Gain Bump toggle switch. The switch instantly kicks in some extra aggression and overdrive, rich in its harmonic structure and singing sustain, yet still maintaining clarity and articulation.

Johnny Hiland's Smokestack pedal, Overdrive - Distortion pedal made by


*All hand-wired discrete circuit design

*4 simple controls: Gain, Tone and Volume knobs, plus Gain Bump toggle switch

*Die-cast aluminum box enclosure, premium quality components

*True Bypass foot switch

*9-volt battery or DC adaptor (adaptor not included)

The Smokestack is available online at at the street price of $185.00.

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