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MXR Launches the Joshua Ambient Echo

MXR Joshua echo guitar pedal

A new echo pedal serving up vintage rack-inspired rhythmic ethereal delay.

Through its array of controls, the Joshua is designed to create everything from trippy psychedelic classics to shoe-gazer tunes and spirit-lifting swells that will fill up any church space.

DELAY DYNAMICS: The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo offers control over not only the tempo and number of echoes—Delay and Regen controls—but also their rhythm. You get to control note subdivisions, Trail mode, and multi-tap echoes.

SCULPT YOUR ’SCAPE: Refining the tones and textures of your echoes is effortlessly intuitive.—the Joshua Ambient Echo allows you to adjust lush, chewy modulation and elevate your soundscapes to celestial heights with angelic, organ-like effects.

EXTENDED EXPLORATION: The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo comes carefully tuned to achieve atmospheric brilliance right out of the box without much tweaking on your end—but it has all the tools you need for custom exploration: stereo and expression pedal capability, off-board switching, 12 adjustable deep-dive parameters, and more.

TAP INTO FOREVER: The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo isn’t just a delay—it’s a tonal recipe expertly concocted for those who seek atmospheric perfection.

MXR Joshua Ambient Echo Demo | First Look

MXR Joshua Ambient Echo highlights:

  • Dive into iconic soundscapes, from psychedelic tonal trips to ethereal ambient rock
  • A foundation of carefully concocted tones and textures
  • Highly customizable echo effect with intuitive controls for tempo, rhythm, and more
  • Shape your sound with lush modulation and celestial, organ-like atmospherics
  • Onboard tap tempo and off-board switching for precise control of delay time
  • Hold mode for creating droning sonic tapestries
  • Advanced features include stereo mode, expression pedal capability, and numerous fine adjustments
  • For enthusiasts and tonal architects alike

The MXR Joshua Ambient Echo is available now at $239.99 street/$342.84 MSRP from your favorite retailer.