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Paradox Effects Unveils the Habla-bla

Paradox Effects Unveils the Habla-bla

Habla-bla’s gain control for the second delay is key, it allows you to amplify above 0 dB, which produces new accents in the repetitions and diverse rhythms with the delay tails.

Paradox Effects reveals its most recent artifact – Habla-blais a polyrhythmic delay, a digital device with variable sample rate, and two nested delays, the second delay has selectable proportions to the main delay time, this allows for delay textures beyond the ordinary, new rhythmic repetitions that gallop with simple melodies. Think of it as an old recorder that takes samples and spits them out, stutters, articulates, talks, repeat peats peats...

A playful technological tool; explore new delay routes, drop loops that change and evolve rhythmically. Create your own sonic gestures, repeat and be quiet, or leave on infinite your favorite loop.

  • Two nested delays with 3 subdivisions.
  • Blend control 100% wet, 100% dry.
  • Expression pedal TRS input (controls Sampleo parameter).
  • Internal gain calibration -3db to +3db.
  • True Bypass.
  • Proudly Made in México.

Handmade by non-replicant individuals in the border town of Tijuana. Habla-bla was released on March 28th 2023, with a street price of $199.99, pre-orders are available at selected dealers.

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Paradox Effects Habla-Bla

Paradox Effects