Solstice Guitars Introduces the Tellurion

Handcrafted by a small team, Solstice prides itself on perfect setup and playing action, stability, and longevity.

Solstice Guitars just introduced a reimagined update to its custom-T design, previously called the Transit. Now known as the Tellurion, this guitar includes a thoughtful set of new attributes. Designed to be customized, the new Tellurion features include:

  • New 3D Neck Joint
    This dimensional neck joint utilizes a shaped pocket that locks in place with a 3-bolt system. More surface area, more coupling, more strength, longevity, and tone.
  • 24-Frets Standard
    The new neck joint & cutaway redesign make for an easy reach. 24 frets are now standard on all
  • Neck Reinforcement
    Twin carbon fiber rods and a modern double-action truss rod produce incredibly stable necks. Rod access is now up at the headstock.
  • Hardware & Electronics
    Professional components and hardware are by Gotoh. Includes hand-wired switching circuits and pickups by Lollar, Duncan, Dark Moon, or TV Jones.

The Tellurion is made with 3 tone chamber options:

  • Fully chambered, semi-hollow (with or without f-hole)
  • Half chambered, bass side (with or without f-hole)
  • Half chambered, treble side (no hole)

A solid body option is also available using the highest graded super-light swamp ash.

Handcrafted by a small team, Solstice prides itself on perfect setup and playing action, stability, and longevity. With a base price of $2400, the new Tellurion offers high-end value with a host of intuitive options for the most demanding players.

For more information, please visit

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