j mascis

The author’s 1961 Fender Jazzmaster, “Pancake,” features a pair of Curtis Novak pickups—a JM-Fat in the bridge position, and an Historic ’61 in the neck.

From vintage to modern, single-coil to humbucker, wide range to gold-foil, and just about anything else you can dream up, the world of JM-style pickups just keeps getting bigger.

If you’re into modding guitars, there has never been a better time in terms of options for hardware, electronic components, and, of course, pickups––especially for fans of Fender offsets, where one quick Google search calls up an embarrassment of riches.

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Crank a small amp and the gold-foils in this Audition solidbody will gladly scream.

We used to have an excellently eccentric local public access channel in our area, and the recording studio was just a little ways from my house. Some of the touring punk bands as well as local ones would play live on the channel, and let me tell you.… It was so awesome. The performances were the stuff of legend. I can remember one particular band playing where a song culminated with the singer hammering a long nail into his nose! (My wife and I share these crazy experiences, and our kids are always shaking their heads at us, unable to comprehend that VHS era.)

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Here are 16 of our favorite stomp stations from the past year, including Chris Shiflett, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Holt, J Mascis, the AristocratsBryan Beller, Wolf Van Halen, Shinedown, and more.

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