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Spurr Audio Launches Futuristic Sonic Explorers

Spurr Audio Launches Futuristic Sonic Explorers

Inspired by the space age, these pedals promise to transport musicians to new sonic frontiers.

The F-201 FET Preamp is a sonic journey into the warmth of tubes, harnessing the power and propulsion of the FET J-201. Simplicity meets versatility with a single output knob, making it accessible for users of all levels. The space-themed design, featuring intricate details like a miniature globe, adds a touch of cosmic flair. For a limited time, this sonic marvel is available at a special pre-order price of $119. Follow Spurr Audio on social media for updates on the duration of this exclusive offer.

Orbit-2 Fuzz: A Stellar Upgrade

The Orbit-2 Fuzz emerges as the stellar successor to the Orbit-1, the pioneer of the space-themed pedal. Boasting a small screen that emulates vintage spacecraft computers and is adorned with the iconic miniature globe, the Orbit-2 takes fuzz exploration to unparalleled heights. Powered by an op-amp, it features three fundamental fuzz controls – Fuel (volume), Pressure (tone), and Launch (gain). As a pre-order exclusive, the Orbit-2 is available at a discounted price of $179.

Víctor's Vision: Retro-Futuristic Aesthetics

Víctor, the founder of Spurr Audio, envisioned these new "toys" to emulate a retro-futuristic aesthetic. He aimed to create a fun comparison between effects like fuzz and the preamp with elements of space rockets, such as propellers.

Unleashing Sonic Possibilities

Both pedals draw inspiration from the space age, encapsulating the spirit of exploration and pushing the boundaries of sonic creativity. Whether seeking the warm, vintage tones of the F-201, diving into the experimental fuzz realms of the Orbit-2, musicians are invited to embark on a sonic journey that transcends traditional boundaries.

The F-201 FET Preamp is available for $119, the Orbit-2 Fuzz for $179 (pre-order price).

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