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TAL Audio Effects launches the ‘78 Overdrive

TAL Audio Effects launches the ‘78 Overdrive

With its simple yet powerful controls, the '78 Overdrive allows you to dial in just the right amount of gain and level to suit your playing style.

The '78 Overdrive pedal by TAL Audio Effects is a no-nonsense drive machine, designed to deliver a raw and unadulterated tone that cuts through any mix. The gain stage blends silicon and germanium diodes creating a unique sound that is both gritty and harmonically rich while responding to your playing dynamics like a well-tuned amplifier.

Highlights/Notable Features:

  • Simple and intuitive controls: Gain and Level
  • Unique gain stage blends silicon and germanium diodes for rich and harmonically complex tones
  • Highly responsive to playing dynamics
  • Internal Bypass LED Brightness Trimmer
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure and top-mounted jacks for easy integration into any pedalboard setup
  • Runs on a standard 9-18V DC power supply with low current draw
  • Hand-built in Sarnia, Canada with the utmost attention to detail and quality control
  • 1988 Iskra Resistors
  • 1970 Germanium Diodes
  • Vishay Power Filtering Capacitors
  • 1974 Matsushita Capacitors

At TAL Audio Effects, every '78 Overdrive pedal is hand-built with precision and care in our Sarnia workshop. We're proud to say that our dedication to craftsmanship has earned us the endorsement of many talented and discerning artists, including RobCaggiano of Volbeat, and up and comer Charlie Edward, both of whom demand nothing but the best from their gear. Whether you're a touring professional or a bedroom shredder, the '78 Overdrive is the perfect addition to your board!

Retail Price: $199 US Street Price: $175 US

For more information, please visit

TAL Audio Effects ‘78 Overdrive Demo

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