overdrive pedal

J. Rockett Audio El Hombre - PG Gear Spotlight

Three-knob overdrive gets a new twist in this homage to the famous bearded axe-slinger from Texas.

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Tube power and impressive cab sims make up a versatile do-it-all drive that’s a sweet value, too.

A variety of great drive tones packed into a versatile and well-designed pedal.

No option to stack channels in series. No independent headphone level control.


Blackstar Dept. 10 Dual Drive


Though they can still seem like a novelty, tube-loaded drive pedals have been with us for decades. The B.K. Butler Tube Driver arrived in the late ’70s. The Mesa/Boogie V-Twin, the Electro-Harmonix English Muff’n, and others popped up in the decades that followed. Now, a new push toward tube-driven pedals is afoot—fueled largely by the modeling boom, pedal preamps with impulse response and speaker-simulation capabilities, and the urge to lend tube color to both modes of amplification.

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Mojo Hand FX has unveiled the Sericon, an overdrive pedal with three separate controls for gain manipulation; Drive, Gain, and Blaze.

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