Taylor Launches the 700 Series Koa Models

Taylor expands its koa models with these "select-grade" guitars featuring an organic aesthetic and punchy sound.

The reimagined series launches with two new guitar models: the Grand Auditorium 724ce and Grand Concert 722ce. The new all-koa 700 Series brings the koa personality to the line compared to Taylor’s existing, highly-figured Koa Series, channeling a more organic aesthetic. Taylor master builder Andy Powers designed the guitars with ultra-thin matte finish and a modified back bracing pattern, a combination that minimizes the damping effect to produce a punchier, more vibrant and player-reflective koa guitar.

Taylor Grand Concert 722ce


  • Select-grade koa: Boasts rich color variegation and straight grain structure Ultra-thin matte finish
  • Feel: The thin open-pore finish creates a warm and inviting tactile sensation
  • Sound: Together with slightly altered back bracing, the voicing is different from our Koa Series: a livelier, punchier, more direct response

The All-New 700 Series Koa | Taylor Guitars

For more information about the new models and the entire Taylor lineup, please visit taylorguitars.com. The two new models are available now at authorized Taylor dealers worldwide. $3,499.00 USD.

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