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Vertex Effects Announces the Boost MkII

An updated take that includes top-mounted jacks, dual-buffer interface, and an ultra-linear clean boost.

Vertex Effects is proud to release the long-awaited Vertex Boost MKII. Don't let the single-knob design fool you. The Boost MKII is much more than a clean boost.

Using the top-mounted 1/8" TRS jack, you can use the Boost MKII as a VOL/EXP pedal controller, dual-buffer interface, and FX Loop buffer, in addition to an ultra-linear clean boost pedal. With functionality that transcends the average boost pedal, the Boost MKII has a place on every pedalboard.

Back in 2014, the Vertex Boost MKI hit shelves, drawing the attention of numerous session legends like Tom Bukovac, Robben Ford, and Michael Thompson, to name a few. It offered a truly transparent clean boost, studio-quality buffering, and the ability to control a Volume or expression pedal outside of your signal chain (eliminating volume pedal tone suck).

Since the release in 2014, Owner and CEO of Vertex Effects, Mason Marangella, used the feedback from artists and customers to reimagine the Boost — and the Boost MKII was born. When compared to its original counterpart, the Boost MKII is 1/3 smaller and offers not one, but two high-quality buffers. Whether you're in search of a crystal-clear volume boost, a solution to volume pedal tone suck, or a multi-functional dual buffered interface, Vertex Effects has you covered with the Boost MKII.

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